Audi S

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This Wardrobe is a panel product made from MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboards),also Particle boards. It is also known as engineering boards. This gives the board an attractive and decorative look & feel.

MFC  have a denser and more uniform constitute as compared to general wood and plywood.

->Particle boards bound by synthetic resin pressed under heat and pressure.

5-Door Wardrobe (2 Door+1 Door+2 Door) has multiple shelf and a Hanging Rod.

-> 2-Door Wardrobe:- -> Product Code:- HFBASW2D

->Size:- 24”x36”x75”

->Features:- 2-Shelf,3-Compartment,one 1-sided locker,1-Drawer with telescopic channel & a Hanging Rod.

  ->1-Door Wardrobe:- -> Product Code:- HFSASW1D

->Size:- 24”x18”x75”

->Features:- This has a mirror, 3-shelf, 4-Compartment,2-Drawer with telescopic channel.


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