Maan 1

16,196.00 20,245.00


-> Product Code :- HFBTUM1

 -> size :- 18”x60”x75”

 -> Colour :- D.ST Wenge-C.Ivory

-> Features :- Especially made to cater your living room needs

-> Classy and contemporary this wall unit is perfect for LCD television, home  theaters  and other accessories.

 -> It has Two open cabinate  & one Closed Glass cabinate with 2-Shelves,3-Compartment which can be used to store and Display your media collection as well as Display Decorative items.

-> It has a Top, one closed Glass cabinate with  1-Shelves ,2- Compartment, a Drawer with Telescopic Channel.

-> It has also Two  1-door,Each  with 1-Shelves,2- Compartment.

 -> For Indoor only.


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