– Hasmukh provides the services of installation/ assembly required for the products. If you desire to opt for assembly service through our authorized technicians, the product will assembled at your premises within 3 Days of delivery.

– On acceptance of this term of assembly services, we shall assume that you have confirmed and consented to undertake the assembly activities at your premises. Our technicians shall visit your premises with prior intimation and permission. Delay in providing consent for assembly work, from the date the product/s was delivered, shall not be counted in 72 hours.

– Hasmukh requires prior confirmation towards the place to fix the products. Further, you shall organize the space for comfortable assembly without any hindrance. Our technicians shall not be responsible for handling any product/s other than the product purchased from Hasmukh. Upon completion of the assembly work, Hasmukh technicians shall not be responsible for movement of the product at any location other than the place confirmed by you. Any damages incurred during such activity undertaken by your representative shall be excluded from warranted norms.